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Would you like to own a unique piece of art? I have several pieces on sale now that are available for immediate purchase. I am also available for commission work. You choose the size, the colour and depth of the canvas. Prices available upon request. 50% deposit required at time of order.

Click the artwork below to see more information, or click artwork to see a gallery.

  • Poppies

    Thin width, painted black canvas. Acrylic stems and buds, combined with seed bead poppies.

  • Flower Outline

    Painted black deep canvas. Clusters of red seed beads depicting a single poppy.

  • dasies

    Deep canvas painted green with a true to life grass effect. Stalks painted using green acrylic. Daisies applied using white acrylic and multi seed beads in various shades of white.

  • Crystal River

    Painted black deep canvas. Genuine Swarovski crystals of varying sizes, plus seed beads.

  • Shooting Star

    Deep canvas painted black. Shooting star made up of seed beads in transparent, red and black. Acrylic enhancement.

  • Circles

    Thin width canvas painted lilac. Seed beads in multiple shades of purple, with swirls of silver acrylic.

  • Gold V

    Painted black deep canvas. Multicoloured metallic seed beads, with elevated, vertical lines of complimenting beads. Gold acrylic squiggles surround each individual rectangle.

  • Loop

    Extra large deep canvas painted brown. Crescent moon made from clusters of gold grains. Enhanced with gold leaf, pearls and crystals. Bow comprises of variety of golden bronze beads.

  • Bronze III

    Three rectangles created using metallic seed beads each individually placed by hand. Strip of gold bugle beads move across the three rectangles. Copper acrylic used to form squiggles that surround each rectangle.

  • shoe

    Thick beige hessian canvas. Shoe created with two shades of metalic in silver and pewter. Heel in clear silver.

  • Solo Flower

    Painted black material canvas. Single poppy made from seed beads. Each individually placed by hand.

  • Galactic

    Deep canvas painted brown. Diagonal splash of various beads in gold, bronze and brown shades.

  • Silver Swirl

    Deep canvas painted silver with drop splash effect background. Two swirls made from silver painted grains, one is richly enhanced with silver leaf.

  • Black Lava

    Hessian material canvas, with black abstract design. Scattered with clear crystals and seed beads. Waves in silver acrylic.

  • Static

    Canvas painted black. Abstract design in silver granules, enhanced with silver leaf. Waves of red and silver acrylic.

  • 8 Tulips

    Thin width, Hessian material canvas in beige. Tulips (x8) made from seed beads of multiple shades of brown. Enhanced with acrylic paint.

  • Red


    Material canvas painted red. Grasses worked in bugle and seed beads, each individually placed by hand in black, silver and red. Size: 26 x 60cm.

  • 5 Tulips

    Thin width, Hessian material canvas in beige. Tulips (x5) made from seed beads of multiple shades of brown. Enhanced with acrylic paint.

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  • All prices vary according to time and material costs. Prices listed are for the sizes of canvasses used.* Please contact me directly for a quote.
  • All individual artwork designs are unique and cannot be replicated identically.
  • Prices listed do not include delivery. Delivery charges vary according to preferred delivery method, as well as size and weight of artwork.
  • Canvasses should never be hung over radiators, as this can result in distortion.
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